Terrence Strader, Advocates for Awareness Founder

Her videos are useful in motivating people to improve race relations on an individual basis.

Brenda Abdalla, Senior Manager/Resourcing

I could not stop watching the video. What a dynamic training tool!

Hon. Alice Gilbert

The most revolutionary and effective method dealing with racism…

Sonia Santana-Keller

An eye-opening part of our annual mandatory diversity training. Good for discussions on socioeconomic and diversity issues.

Alice Dunlap

Our security officer was hired to be there (Jane Elliott’s lecture), yet he commented that it was the best thing he could have done and wished the entire police department had been there. Though they go through diversity training every two years, he said he learned more from Ms. Elliott than he had in all his years of training.

Christina Smitthisler

Jane Elliott inspired, challenged and awed a crowd of 600 students, faculty and staff at the University of North Dakota. It was the most successful lecture program we have had on campus in years… I have never seen a crowd of people sit and listen for two and a half hours. One of the amazing parts of the evening was at the end of the lecture when Jane received a standing ovation, something not often seen at a lecture on racism.

Roberta Larson

During her three hour presentation, Jane Elliott asked 270 MBA’s if they would like a short break. To my amazement, they said no!

Robert Jarrett, Training Manager

Eye of the Storm sends as powerful a message today as it did when filmed back in the 1960s. Through the eyes of elementary school children, the video depicts serious issues around prejudice and discrimination that adults face today….has played an integral part in delivering our message of diversity and inclusion to associates nationwide.


Best2Buy Winner: The Angry Eye is a fantastic diversity training program, and it deserves recognition as this year’s best. If you are looking for a package that digs into the roots of the diversity issue, purchase this one.

Barbara Stern, VP/Diversity

A terrific training tool to get dialogue started in your organization.

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