#5: The Stolen Eye

#5:  The Stolen Eye

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Click here to watch a preview of #5:  The Stolen Eye

Click here to watch a preview of #5: The Stolen Eye

This was the most amazing program I have seen.  It was the strangest thing.  I got home from a 16 hour shift at work and flicked through… found the program, and started watching it.  Within five minutes, I was crying.  It was the most refreshing, yet emotional program that I have ever seen.  Thank you so much!    Australian viewer

Imagine that you had been forcibly removed from your parents and raised never knowing your true heritage – all because of the color of your skin.

Imagine that the white government wanted to make your entire race extinct – just because you weren’t born white.

If you lived in Australia this was your fate and you became part of the “Stolen Generation.”  How would it be if for one day the tables were turned and the whites could be made to feel what it was like to be part of this “Stolen Generation”?

Jane Elliott brings a group of Aborigines and white Australians together for her landmark “blue-eyed/brown-eyed” diversity training exercise. American diversity trainers may find the film helpful because it removes the experience of oppression from the familiar American racial terrain to a more universal, yet less well-trod landscape.

Running Time: 52 minutes
Available outside Australasia
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