#6: Eye Opener

#6:  Eye Opener

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If you think “it couldn’t happen here” or “it wouldn’t happen now”, this may prove to be a bit of an “Eye Opener”!

Jane Elliott, the internationally acclaimed diversity champion, conducts her “blue eyed/brown eyed” exercise in Glasgow with thirty-five volunteers from across the United Kingdom.

Many of the blue eyed participants were shocked at their own reactions to what for many of them was the new experience of being powerless. Many of the brown eyed participants were shocked at how easy they found it to go along with what was happening, even though they knew it was wrong.

They all now have a better understanding of the systematic nature of racism, as well as the awareness of their own actions – or inactions – can reinforce and perpetuate it.
“Eye Opener” shows this exercise is as relevant and necessary in the UK today as it was in Riceville, Iowa more than forty years ago.


Winner Premier Award Learning, Learning On Screen Awards 2004

Running Time: 50 minutes
Available outside UK



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