#3: Complete Blue Eyed

#3:  Complete Blue Eyed

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Click here to see a preview of #3 Blue Eyed

Click here to see a preview of #3 Blue Eyed

Jane Elliott captures the attention of people of all different backgrounds.  Her powerful and captivating work hits a nerve!        

Lilla Moore, General Motors

In Blue Eyed, we join a group of 40 teachers, police, school administrators and social workers in Kansas City – blacks, Hispanics, whites, women and men. The blue-eyed members are subjected to pseudo-scientific explanations of their inferiority, culturally biased IQ tests and blatant discrimination. In just a few hours under Elliott’s withering regime, we watch grown professionals become despondent and distracted, stumbling over the simplest commands.

Clips from her original classes and interviews with former students confirm that Jane Elliott’s workshops make them permanently more empathetic and sensitive to the problem of racism. Counselors, student program administrators, corporate trainers and psychologists agree: Blue Eyed is a film every American needs to experience.

Many trainers told us that the original Blue Eyed was the most compelling film on race they’d ever seen but at 90 minutes was too long for many training contexts. So we prepared a special Trainer’s Version, The Essential Blue-Eyed, condensing the original film to the most insightful 50 minutes with a 36 minute Debriefing.

The program was condensed even further to create a more concise version concentrating all the drama and insight of the original into an even more powerful 30-minute video; the 30 Minute Blue Eyed.

You’ll get One DVD with three versions of Jane Elliott’s Blue Eyed:

  • Blue Eyed (Long Version)
  • The Essential Blue Eyed
  • 30 Minute Blue Eyed


One-Future-Prize 1996 (recommended)
Nominierung 1996 IDA Awards
Findling, Leipzig 1996
Chris Award, Columbus Ohio 1996
Audience Award, IDFA, Amsterdam 1996


International Munich Filmfest – July 1996
Chicago International Film Festival – 1996
Columbus International Film & Video Festival 1996
IDA International Documentary Assn, LA 1996
Internationales Leipziger Festival fur Dokumenetar-und Animationsfilm 1996
IDFA International Documentary Film Festival, Palm Springs, CA 19

International Independent Film Festival, Augsburg, Marz 1997
The Cape Town International Film Festival, 1997


Running Times: 3 dvd’s: 30 minute version; 90 minute trainers version (60 minutes plus 30 minute debriefing), & the original 93 minute version
Available in the US & Canada ONLY
Facilitator Guide Included
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