#4: The Angry Eye

#4:  The Angry Eye

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Click here to view a preview of #4: The Angry Eye

Click here to view a preview of #4: The Angry Eye

Angry Eye is a fantastic diversity training program, and it deserves recognition as this year’s best.  If you are looking for a package that digs into the roots of the diversity issue, purchase this one. —The Best2Buy winner for 2003–2004 (Training Media Review and Training & Development Magazine)

Hailed as “a fascinating revisit” to the original 1968 Blue-Eyes/Brown-Eyes Exercise by Jane Elliott, this film documents the effects of racial prejudice with startling force and emotional intensity.

Taking pigmentation – in this case, eye color – as an arbitrary dividing line, Jane Elliott builds a microcosm of contemporary American society, compelling her more privileged blue-eyed participants to live in another world for the longest four and a half hours of their lives.

The Angry Eye skillfully interweaves the young adults in the exercise with post-session interviews that show the participants struggling to come to terms with their recent experiences.

Through the intense and often painful emotions that the exercise provokes shines a hope that, someday, we will overcome the capricious lines that divide us – if only we can learn to accept and appreciate our differences.


Audience Winner, Palm Springs International
CINE Golden Eagle, male viagra online
Chris Award, Columbus Film and Video Festival
The New York Festivals Gold WorldMedal
Axiem Awards (2002), Bronze (highest award) and Silver
Telly Awards (2002), Silver


  • Int’ Human Rights Film Festival (Germany)
  • AFI Film Festival (Los Angeles)
  • Columbus Film and Video Festival (Ohio)
  • East Lansing Film Festival (Michigan)
  • Goteborg Film Festival (Sweden)
  • IDFA (Amsterdam)
  • New York Film Festival (New York)
  • Norwegian Documentary Film Festival
  • Ojai Film Festival (California)
  • Palm Springs International Film Festival (California)
  • Philadelphia Film Festival
  • Semarang Film Festival (Indonesia)
  • Vermont Human Rights (Human Rights/Social Justice)


Running Time: 35 minutes
Facilitator Guide Included
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