Admire Productions focuses on film and television productions based on the work of Jane Elliott.

susanSusan A. Golenbock, Esq. has served as Jane Elliott’s attorney for the past fifteen years. Ms. Golenbock entered the film industry in 1975 as Resident Counsel for The Cannon Group , a motion picture production and distribution company. The Cannon Group first caught public attention with the motion picture “Joe”, directed by John Avildsen (“Rocky”), starring Peter Boyle and introducing Susan Sarandon in her first starring role. This low-budget independent film earned more than $10 million. During Ms.Golenbock’s tenure at Cannon, Cannon acquired numerous motion pictures from Europe and the United States, and in 1975 produced Xavier Hollander’s The Happy Hooker,starring Lynn Redgrave and Jean-Pierre Aumont.  Ms. Golenbock’s expertise in entertainment law led her to entertainment litigation during her association with the AVrated law firm of Bernstein and Obstfeld and, subsequently, as a partner in the firm of Weisenfreund and Golenbock, resulting in a multi-million dollar settlement of a dispute involving a forerunner of over-the-air cable television.

Additionally, Ms. Golenbock represented a variety of filmmakers during her thirteen-year association with Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, thus complimenting her specialization in entertainment litigation.

Ms. Golenbock served as a producer on The Angry Eye, The Stolen Eye, and on Indecently Exposed.

The Angry Eye, produced in 2001, showcased Jane Elliott and her exercise with college students. Among its many awards and honors, The Angry Eye, was voted the “Audience Favorite “ from among 270 films, at the Palm Springs International Festival; The Angry Eye was also an official selection of the International Human Rights Film Festival, Nuremberg, the American Film Institute Film Fest, Los Angeles and the IDFA, Amsterdam.

The Stolen Eye, produced in 2002, showcased Jane Elliott and her exercise with the white and Aboriginal populations of Australia. Produced in association with the SBS television network Australia, the film is considered a landmark in race relations.

In 2005, Angry Eye Productions, Inc. in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) produced Indecently Exposed, featuring Jane Elliott and her exercise with the Native and white populations of Canada. It was one of the highest rated documentaries of the year.








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